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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Ari Erle, Co-Winemaker, Covenant Israel

Each month, we plan to introduce you to a member of the Covenant Winery crew. All of us are passionate about fine wine. And we strive to produce the best wines we can from vintage to vintage. In this series, you will discover the faces and stories behind Covenant.

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Truth in Wine:
When a Pour Is Not Just a Pour

At kosher wine tasting events—especially in the U.S.—certified Sabbath-observant pourers are typically engaged to pour all the wines. But in Israel, the rules are looser. Why in America do we have to go through a complex pouring ritual, while in Israel we don’t?

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Truth in wine
The Art of the Blend

How do we decide what makes the best blend? It’s a little bit science and lot more art. Read more on how winemakers throughout California find just the right blend to produce the best wine they can, while working within the California blending protocols.

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Covenant in the Press

March 9, 2018

The LoCA Life & Times

Covenant finds adventurous grapes for its premium kosher wines in Lodi

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February 23, 2017


Ancient Grape Meets Modern Family

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March 17, 2017

The Jewish Week

Covenant Israel

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