Lake County Wine Lake County

We have established long-standing relationships with sustainable and organic vineyards in the beautiful region of Lake County. Our commitment to sourcing from these vineyards ensures that we can offer wines of exceptional quality that are not only delicious but also produced with a deep respect for the environment. By supporting these vineyards, we contribute to the preservation of the natural beauty and biodiversity of this stunning area.

Partnerships with Lake County Vineyards

Our selection of Lake County wines is a testament to our enduring connection with the rich viticultural history and the exceptional wine-growing terroir of this region. Through partnerships with esteemed vineyards across Lake County, Covenant takes pleasure in delivering the finest California wines.

Our Meticulous Winemaking Process

At Covenant Wines, we ferment all our wines with native yeast, and many are unfined and unfiltered. These minimal-intervention winemaking techniques bring out the natural bounty of the land. Our meticulous winemaking process paired with the distinct terroir of Lake County, results in wines that are not only delightful to the taste buds but also encapsulate the spirit of the region.

Shop Lake County Wine at Covenant Wines

Explore the diverse range of flavors in our Lake County wine selection. Each bottle is a reflection of the unique viticultural heritage of Lake County and our dedication to sustainable winemaking. Experience a premium wine journey that takes you through the distinctive terroir of Lake County. Whether you’re searching for the ideal gift for a wine lover or a special indulgence for yourself, our Lake County wine collection is the ultimate selection. Shop the entire collection of Covenant Wines today!

The Covenant Kitchen: Food and Wine for the New Jewish Table

Jeff and Jodie Morgan’s eighth cookbook is the rare kosher cookbook written with thoughtful, accurate information on winemaking and food and wine pairing. Every recipe in the book is paired with varietal wines. The recipes are pulled from the Morgans’ dining experiences living in Nice, France and Northern California as well as their frequent trips to Israel.
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