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California & Israel

Covenant WineryCovenant

The word “Covenant” connotes a strong connection between those who share common history, experience and values. It is an age-old concept that serves as a foundation for all civilization.
Our shared cultural heritage and a love of fine wine led to the partnership that gave birth to Covenant Winery. We make wine from grapes grown in some of the finest vineyards in California and Israel, places where we enjoy a historical and personal connection to the land. As such, we strive to harness quality in the bottle that reflects the unique aspects of the land and the vines we are privileged to work with.
Our Premiere Wine


Our flagship label, Covenant, is both the winery and the wine. It evokes the bond that exists between all who have an interest in fine wine, shared beliefs and a common heritage.

Our Premiere Wine

Covenant Israel

Founded in 2013, Covenant Israel is the only wine made in Israel by an American winery. It reflects our deeply felt connection to Israel and the wine growing terroir there.

Wine Club Only


We make three exceptional, single-vineyard red wines for our Landsman Club: A Napa Valley Pinot Noir; a Sonoma County (Bennett Valley) Syrah, and a Lodi Zinfandel.

Covenant's Sister Label

Red C

RED C is the sister label to Covenant, with a red blend, rosé and a white Sauvignon Blanc—from Sonoma County.

Mevushal Wine

The Tribe

Our high-end mevushal wines are produced using flash détente, which allows us to heat the grapes, but not the wine. An exceptional drinking experience.

Mevushal Wine


Mensch wines are sourced from the Mettler Vineyard in Lodi. They are priced for accessibility and offer classic varietal typicity from one of California’s oldest wine regions.

An Expression of Vineyard
Covenant wines are made from exceptional vineyards that stretch from Napa Valley, Sonoma, Lake County and Lodi in Northern California, to the Galilee and Golan Heights in Israel. We ferment all our wines with native yeast, and many are unfined and unfiltered. These winemaking techniques highlight what the land gives us naturally. Discover our world through our wines.

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From northern California to northern Israel, Covenant’s vineyards reflect a richly diverse winemaking heritage.

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