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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Zoe Morgan, Director of Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Covenant Israel

Zoe is Covenant co-owners Jeff and Jodie Morgan’s daughter. She made Aliyah and moved to Israel four years ago. She has worked for Covenant Israel for two years.

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Truth in Wine:
When a Pour Is Not Just a Pour

At kosher wine tasting events—especially in the U.S.—certified Sabbath-observant pourers are typically engaged to pour all the wines. But in Israel, the rules are looser. Why in America do we have to go through a complex pouring ritual, while in Israel we don’t?

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Truth in Wine
Two Harvests, Two Continents

In both California and Israel, an early growing season gave way to early picks. Needless to say, it’s been a full-court press this harvest on two continents.

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