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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Zoe Morgan, Director of Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Covenant Israel

Zoe is Covenant co-owners Jeff and Jodie Morgan’s daughter. She made Aliyah and moved to Israel four years ago. She has worked for Covenant Israel for two years.

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Truth In Wine:
The Meaning of 70
For Israel…and for Wine

The Hebrew letters that spell yayin—or wine—add up to 70. Find out more about why 70 has great significance for kosher winemaker Jeff Morgan and how it also relates to the 70th anniversary of modern-day Israel.

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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Ari Erle, Co-Winemaker, Covenant Israel

Each month, we plan to introduce you to a member of the Covenant Winery crew. All of us are passionate about fine wine. And we strive to produce the best wines we can from vintage to vintage. In this series, you will discover the faces and stories behind Covenant.

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