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Truth In Wine:
The Meaning of 70
For Israel…and for Wine

The Hebrew letters that spell yayin—or wine—add up to 70. Find out more about why 70 has great significance for kosher winemaker Jeff Morgan and how it also relates to the 70th anniversary of modern-day Israel.

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Truth in Wine:
Syrah vs. Cabernet?

Both Cabernet and Syrah grapes produce some of the greatest wines on Planet Earth. Why would so many people believe they prefer Cabernet?

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Truth in Wine:
When a Pour Is Not Just a Pour

At kosher wine tasting events—especially in the U.S.—certified Sabbath-observant pourers are typically engaged to pour all the wines. But in Israel, the rules are looser. Why in America do we have to go through a complex pouring ritual, while in Israel we don’t?

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Truth in wine
The Art of the Blend

How do we decide what makes the best blend? It’s a little bit science and lot more art. Read more on how winemakers throughout California find just the right blend to produce the best wine they can, while working within the California blending protocols.

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Covenant in the Press

June 28, 2019

Robert Parker Wine Advocate

2016 Covenant Israel Syrah

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April 12, 2019

Wine Spectator

Kosher Wine Explained

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April 10, 2019


10 Must-Try Wines And Liquors That Are Kosher For Passover

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