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?אמת ויין: מי עושה את יין הסירה הכי טוב בעולם

טעימה בינלאומית בתל אביב של יינות הסירה המובילים

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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Jodie Morgan, Co-owner Covenant Winery

Meet Jodie Morgan, co-owner of Covenant Winery. Jodie joined team Covenant in 2006 when it was just Jeff (her husband) and Jonathan. Since then, she has been responsible for all business development and finances of the winery. While she may be back of the house, her impact has helped grow Covenant to the world wide brand that we are today.

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Truth in Wine:
Covenant Harvest 2018:
From Sea to Shining Sea!

We have the pleasure of harvesting in two countries – US and Israel. These harvests take place during the same time of year, challenging but not impossible. Read more about our harvest report for the 2018 Vintage!

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Meet the Covenant Crew:
Zoe Morgan, Director of Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Covenant Israel

Zoe is Covenant co-owners Jeff and Jodie Morgan’s daughter. She made Aliyah and moved to Israel four years ago. She has worked for Covenant Israel for two years.

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